Read what others are saying…

Thank you so much. We attended a seminar with Mr. Bill Galloway and were sooooo impressed with him and his products. Keep up the amazing work. Bless you!

– 4/8/2016

Nancy Wilmot
After hearing talk & seeing the display, I decided to take this wonderful upcoming class…great products & info, shared knowledge enthusiastically!

– 4/10/2016

Thank you for producing products from Natural Options

Vickie and George thank you for producing products from Natural Options because both of you help save many veterans from attempting suicide. Hundreds of veterans in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, Vancouver, Washington now are receiving Touch Therapy treatment with your products rather than taking prescription pain medication.

Here are some comments about your products:

Percsilla in Walua, Hawaii. . .paralyzed from her waist to her toes, after using lavender and RSD was able to move her toes and felt movement of her muscles in her legs. After doctors told her no reflexes.

Susanna in Long Beach, California. . .about four months doctors could not help her with her head aches, dizziness and light headedness. After three days of applying Hero to the back of her neck and shoulders, no headaches, dizziness or light headedness for the past month.

Alfred in Vancouver, Washington. . .lavender and RSD reduced his diabetic nerve neuropathy pain from extreme to livable. He also applied Hero to his son’s neck who has ADD with amazing results calming and relaxing his son.

Joe Vietnam veteran West Los Angeles. . .his wife stated after, one treatment of lavender he is a better man with patience after using lavender and stop taking prescription pain medication.

Isaac Vietnam veteran Long Beach. . .reduced his diabetic nerve neuropathy pain from 10 plus to livable 3-4 by using lavender also eliminating head aches by using Hero.

Kent, Vietnam veteran Long Beach. . .applied Hero to his wife’s neck eliminating her daily headaches.

Headache Roll-on

I started using the headache roll-on a long time ago, to try it out for my migraines. I was willing to try anything, and nothing that I had been prescribed had done the trick. It worked not only on them, but on my cluster headaches and my spidering/spider leg headaches, as well. Recently, I discovered that it did even more. I have been suffering from Tourette Syndrome, and no treatment has yet helped ameliorate the symptoms. It causes my head to jerk to the side, along with other extreme physical ticks and some vocal expressions. Often, before a violent movement or other expression of the condition, there was this feeling that I can almost liken to static electricity building up, before hand. The head jerks caused headaches, as one might expect, so in trying to treat the headache, I used the roll-on.I was pleasantly surprised to feel that sensation of warning dissipate, with no expression or output. I just felt… fine. The pain subsided, and so did the nerve impulse to move or make a sound. Every time I have used it, since, for the purpose of calming those impulses, it has worked. I feel liberated. I can go to the movies, or to a friend’s house, or a lecture, without fear of becoming a spectacle. For anyone suffering with Tourette Syndrome, that wants a treatment without side effects, just TRY the Headache Roll-On, and see if it helps you, too. :)

– 3/23/2016

Your essential oils are amazing.
George and Vicki
Your essential oils are amazing. I have everyone at work hooked on the cold and flu buster inhalers. I have been making them myself and adding oregano to your recipe. I work in an internal medicine doctors office. We have sick patients come in daily. Since using the inhaler regularly, I have not been sick. ( going on 2 years!) My coworkers have seen a decreased frequency and length of their colds.

The other important inhaler I made was to help my son’s girlfriend quit smoking – it was the black pepper, She was amazed at how it cut down her cravings and helped her quit smoking.

The muscle cramp cream has saved my husband many nights from a sleepless night.

I also make my own essential oil massage oil to take with me to massages. It is wonderful.

I have used lavender multiple times on burns from the curling iron- they never blister as long as I get my lavender on the spot in time.
I gave a friend one of your diffusers with the room balancing combo of oils- she has 5 children and could not believe how calm they became and how much everyone enjoyed the fragrance in the home. She is also using lavender in their rooms to help them fall asleep.

I am looking forward to taking the advanced class soon as once I retire in 1 year I plan to focus more on helping people with essential oils.

Lori Sherwood, - 3/4/2016
Arthritis roll on
Edred Breedlove “Your arthritis roll on has taken the pain from my hands and allows me to continue working as an electrician and a musician well after the doctors would have me on disability.”
– 2/26/2016
Always a great experience
“Always a great experience, the best product, and amazing customer service.
Natural Options Aromatherapy is the only reason I go to the BMSE here in Raleigh anymore!”
– 2/23/2016
Marjoram for Snoring

I tried the marjoram in my pillow as instructed, first time in a very long time that I didn’t wake myself up snoring thank you so much for giving me my sleep back!

Ami Lint Trapaso, 3/18/2016
Poison Ivy
Hello there, I had a personal story l just wanted to share you two, in the case you might find it useful in your work. My dad had a good amount of poison ivy on his forearm. put tea tree oil over the spots to dry it up, and lavender to ease the itching. I put it on neat, and boy did it help. did the same thing about a month ago when I had it all over me. I just put a 2-3 drops on the bumps, and within a minute or so, I got relief. Now, I haven’t tried this on really bad cases of poison iv, but for moderately mild spots- it brings a lot of relief. For dad and I, we put the oils on twice a day. Once in the morning, and once before bed. What also wanted to share with you was a side benefit dad received. My dad, since I can remember, has never been able to sleep through the night. Every night he gets up at least twice, staying up for awhile each time. But when he was using the lavender and tea tree on his arm, he not only slept well, but was able to sleep for six hours straight!! When usually he’s up every 3 hours!! My dad has always been a bit skeptical when it comes to oils, but he was the first to admit what they did for him! We were all a bit surprised I know these oils work, and have seen them work, but sometimes even I’m skeptical towards their ability to do wonders. Just wanted to share! Keep up the hard and good work you two!
Stacey Kline
Overwhelmed with gratitude for your products
Hi! My mom and I attended the expo this weekend and we made a stop at your booth. Just wanted to thank you guys for the products you have! My mother is suffering from an extremely rare type of cancer called Signet Ring Cell Cancer. There is a lot of pain involved and the Chemo therapy is taking a toll on her body believe Bill was who helped us, and meeting him, and finding your products have been a blessing! The emotional and physical relief we are finding from using essential oils and products containing them has been the most amazing gift. All of the products we purchased from you guys yesterday have also done wonders for her in such a short amount of time. The diffuser works great in the room it’s in and you can really smell the oils. She’s using Dragons Blood cream for the chapped skin and a hand cream for the tingling in her hands, all side effects from the chemo. She suffers from severe eczema as well so the fact that she can even use these products is incredible overwhelmed with gratitude for your products and look forward to sharing your company with others! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service, and the amazing products that are bring my Mama relief during this journey.
Lindsey Blalock
I have had cramps in my legs or constant jumping of my legs when trying to sleep for 40+ years. I have tried numerous creams, medications and nothing seemed to work. That was until I tried RESTLESS LEG & NIGHT CREAM RELIEF by Natural Options Aromatherapy. I have been using this cream since I got it in July 2015 and haven’t had leg cramps or jumping of my legs since. I can actually relax at night and get a good night sleep. I absolutely love it.
Bonnie F. of Virginia, Feb.12 2016
Healing Oils
Hi Vickie and George,
You guys are awesome in your knowledge of your healing oils.
Having tried several of your oils for various aliments I cannot say enough about your products and all the research that goes into them. You are professional in all of your efforts and have helped me from headaches to foot aches. The world should know of your business because it works. What a concept, products that do what it says it will do.

God bless you both in your tireless efforts to help others.

Diane Alumbaugh, Feb.6 2016
I have pretty severe restless leg at times. I was a little skeptical about this cream working but I am willing to try anything once (as long as it is safe). The first night I tried it I had had a very long tiring day and I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep because of the RLS. The cream worked (and smelled nice). It has made such a difference in my sleeping. No more having to get up and take OTC medicines to try to get to sleep!!!
A. Johnson, April 28, 2014
I just wanted to tell you….(I took your Aromatherapy Course last year– I think it was the Teacher’s Course, just for my own use….sad to say no one else I know wants to do natural things for themselves).

Anyway, I LOVE your oils… they are extraordinarily high quality. I’ve been using the Lavender Oil Roll On as a body perfume. The fragrance is TOTALLY luscious!

And, for a long time I was having issues with my hair — it was falling out — getting drier and coming out by the handful. (I had been using expensive Aveda products for years, go figure, with their supposed plant oils and extracts. yeah, sure.) I thought long and hard about what to do.

I tried making my own shampoo, using a simple castile soap, base oil and your essential oils and am happy to report that my hair is much happier now and is deciding to stay in residence with me and not leave me for the floor, or table, or wherever it happened to fall.

Not wanting to waste anything, I had a few older bottles of oils I had bought elsewhere (before yours.) Wow, No Comparison!!! My hair was flyaway.. and even though I used most of the entire bottle of oil. It made no impact on the extreme dryness of hair. It felt brittle, dry and was definitely planning to leave again.

So just thought you’d like to know. I and my hair are delighted with your oils. The essential oils are lovely… the price is fair and I truly appreciate your wonderful offerings.

Thank you sincerely!!!

Chris, 3/27/14
Please know that you change lives every day
Hello. First I wanted to say that I stole a couple things. On accident of course but none the less. I was bringing down my things from and full them in the pockets of coat then immediately side tracked and forgot The other one sunshine even that one. Also sure one of your example roll was showing my kids I noticed one that I didn’t make but the label off I remember keeping a wake up sample to me all weekend and think that may be think it just got thrown in you those my total that I owe you since they are brand new. I’m really sorry. I try not to rip people off when I visit Usually don’t go out of my way to steal things. I realized last night that an extra roll but then I put my coat on today I thought “Jeez what else did you take from those amazing people”????

Also I wondered if you had something for shingles. A blend I could make or something you already make. I am pretty sure I’m at the beginning of an exacerbation of my MS and I tend to break out in shingles. I felt a small place start at my temple last night so l’m trying to prevent this from getting full blown as you probably know the extreme pain it causes. I’d like to try to find or invent or get with you to see if we can make something that can prevent exacerbation periods with MS. Those are really what cause us to live in fear. We get used to the normal pain and numbness and confusion and clumsiness and whatever else we live with normally but those times where we are knocked out completely are the times that we risk getting fired, we feel guilty for not being able to take care of our families, we break plans and miss engagements, and we fall into deep depression. If we can figure something out I have a couple friends that we can case study for it.

And finally thank you. I believe deep in my heart that I was sent to you for a very important and life changing reason. I think you single handily saved me from a very dark path. Last November l had planned to kill myself had made the decision and even flew to California to do it. I wanted to go into the ocean and not come out I felt it was better for my family and for me. In my life l’ve survived abusive addict parents. Marine Corp the loss of my husband. I survived being a single parent. Survived poverty and I became Firefighter Paramedic and broke my back and survived that. I was a crossfitter who competed in national meets But couldn’t find a way to survive MS. It turned me into someone different. It stripped me of everything I was, how I looked, how I acted,how I parented. It made me nothing. Couldn’t handle it.

But in California God told me that as I knew I had gone through so much for a reason and this was the final thing I needed to go thorough to get to where I belong. So I sat on the beached saw my future. And I got up and came home. Now that’s not to say I’m all better emotionally because I’m not but I trying. And this weekend gave me that second wind and a preview of what my future holds. I was more quiet than normal because I wanted to ears open to hear messages.And I did. And I’m so thankful everything was delivered me by you and your home. Thank you so much. Your home is magic to me and a place I will always remember Thank you for what you do. Please know that you change lives every day.

With love and gratitude.

Cara Lageson

Hi George, am emailing to let you know all my clients have been very interested in the ionic foot detox so l, now just have to get people to do them consecutively, my mom on the other hand has been dealing with at 1st they said shingles but it was around for about 8 months on her leg, I did 1 detox on her and I couldn’t believe the difference! The color went from red to pink and it actually looked like it was drying up. I have done 4 detoxes on her and am just amazed!

Angela McRobbie
Sleep Cream Certification Class

I recently took the certification course with you. I had to do 3 case studies which were amazingly successful. One I wish to share regards the needs of one of my Emergency Department doctors. She told me from working the night shift she has irregular sleep patterns and has been taking Ambien for years just to fall asleep, but that her sleep patterns on it were not regular nor restful. She would only sleep, at most, five hours and still didn’t feel well rested afterwards. As one of our lessons, we had to make a sleep aid using essential oils. I made a cream. She was willing to be a case study using my cream instead of her Ambien. I worked with her three nights later and she informed me not only did she sleep a full eight hours, but she also felt well rested and had dreams! She stated she couldn’t remember the last time she dreamed. She also told me that her youngest child would wake up every night and crawl into bed with her. One night she applied the sleep cream to her daughter and stated the child slept the full night in her own bed. Since then, I now have many orders for my sleep cream from fellow night shift workers and the Residents at my hospital. It is amazing how well the Essential Oils work without the terrible side effects of OTC or prescriptions sleep aids.

– March, 2013

Joni Conover

I am a nurse and attended your class. I bought the package you offered. I am amazed how well the products work! I have trouble sleeping, the Sleep Easy REALLY WORKS! I have recently used the lavender oil for a burn. It took the pain away immediately and healed quicker than anything else I have ever used. The Study Assist roll on works wonders for me. I am going back to school and some days it is so hard to study while having a day off. It helps me focus and concentrate on my homework. I plan on giving this to my to my college kids to help them study in the busy dorms. Every morning, I put a few drops of peppermint oil in my diffuser. It opens up my stuffy nose and awakens me with such a pleasant smell. YOUR PRODUCTS TRULY WORK! I am so happy to find natural alternatives to using medicines. We are so blessed to have the two of you to share your knowledge with us. Keep up the good work.

– March, 2013

Lois Mangione
RSD for the Creeping/Crawling feelings!

Thank you for the cream. I have been using it on my neck and shoulder area for nerve problems. I couldn’t believe how FAST it worked to calm the creepy/crawling shocking feelings I get in that area!!! Praying your business continues to expand!

Robin Snow
RSD and Massage Therapy

I use the RSD cream all the time in my massage practice. It is very good at relaxing super tight muscles so I don’t have to work so hard to release the restricted muscle tissue. It allows me to be more effective without compromising my own body.

– September 16, 2013

Patti Jacobs, LMT (OH)
Aromatherapy Classes

I want to thank you for a wonderful experience in last night’s class. We are so lucky at the Cleveland Clinic to have you partner with us in Healing Services. Your products have such integrity and such an effective vibration. Having now spent time with you in class, I now understand why that is: your personal integrity and passion for the essences are inspiring.

This has been a frustrating year for me in terms of having to suffer through numerous uninspired and ego driven teachers. You single handly turned that around for me as I have been starving for new and practical information, and much to my joy, you delivered it.
I would very much like to do your 30 hour course at some point. I’ll try adding it to my Individualized Development Plan and see if the Clinic will financially support it. :)

P.S. Murray, my boxer/English bulldog, thanks you for the peppermint on my feet. He feels a bit better today.

Tracey, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Abbi is a 13 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Before she started her detox treatments, she was having a hard time standing up on her own. Her hind quarters were very shaky and I had to help her stand up before she could get going. She was unable to walk very far let alone do the steps to get out to the yard to go to the bathroom. We put a ramp in for her, but it was also hard for her to walk that far. She was also not eating very much and I felt that she might be shutting down and that I might lose her soon. After she had her 3rd detox treatment, she was literally running down the ramp and out into the yard chasing our other dog Sadi. Then she actually came up the steps instead of using the ramp, which she hasn’t done in a very long time. She has also gotten her appetite back. Just have to watch that she doesn’t put on any weight from it. We are so blessed to Deb in our lives and doing the detox on Abbi. She’s like having a new puppy in the house, as much as you can with a 13 ‘s year old.

Tammy and Abbi
Lavender Moisturizing Skin Cream

I sold some of the Lavender body cream to one of my clients for her daughter who had a bad sunburn… Her daughter came in today for a massage and told me the cream was fantastic. She said it helped relieve her sunburn. Just wanted to let you know. I will be placing another order soon.

Sandy, Massage therapy in North Canton, OH
Parkinson’s Cream and hospice

I have had great results with the Parkinson’s Cream for a hospice aroma therapy patient of mine. He was having excruciating bladder spasms and nightmares. I used the Parkinson’s Cream on his lower abdomen and instructed his wife to use it on the days I wasn’t there. His wife informed me that not only did the nightmares stop, after suffering 25 years with them, but bladder spasms were very mild or non-existing. They are both grateful for this exciting alternative for his relief of symptoms.

I also used this cream for end of life comfort measures for another Parkinson’s sufferer. He was experiencing very bad tremors. While using the cream, his tremors decreased in frequency. His wife and son were very impressed. Medication had been given previously, but was not very effective.

Grace Williams, Aromatherapist (Ohio)
Rosacea Cream

I’ve been using this product for several years to control my moderate rosacea. It completely eliminates the “pimples” and redness. My skin is clear and beautiful thanks to this product.
Order a new jar after about six months if you don’t use the entire product within that time. I’ve noticed that the cream loses its effectiveness around then. But my goodness–what a bargain! Only $18 a year to control your rosacea! I can’t recommend this cream highly enough. It’s marvelous!

RSD and Pain

The RSD gives me great relief for my right foot, tendonitis and toe pain…also for the left knee that has arthritis, causing leg spasms at night.


– June 28, 2013

Ruth Eastman
Hot Flash Spray RELIEF!!!

My one friend has been having severe hot flashes, sometime 4 an hour. She is an RN and was somewhat reluctant to try the hot flash spray. I got a text a few days later and she was elated. The spray literally gave her her life back and she is telling all her menopausal co-workers about it and ti buying 8 sprays herself! She even asked about buying stock in your company!!!!!

– June 19, 2013

Breathe Easy/Sinus Roll On with C-Pap Machine

My husband has been very pleased with the addition of Breathe Easy drops to his C-pap machine. His machine is equipped with a heater and we add 1-2 drops of oil to the water that vaporizes into his mouth piece. He feels that his sleep has improved since November when we first started the new routine. He stays asleep longer instead of waking after 4-5 hours. The Sinus Relief oil has helped him to cut down on the usage of the over the counter drugs to help his sinus pressure and clogged nose. We are very please with the oils and look forward to seeing you and your wife in April when you visit Cincinnati.

– January 11, 2013

Joanne Sonnenberg
RSD Cream Back Pain and Cramping

I’ve been using the RSD cream since Feb. 2013. Having a past history of disc herniation, followed by surgery, and now a re-herniation, I can honestly say that I use this cream all of the time, and it helps immensely! I get pain that travels down my right leg, and I get horrible cramps in both of my calves. If I know that I’m really tight before bed, I’ll rub it on my back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, and I don’t wake up with massive charlie horses. I absolutely LOVE this cream and cannot wait to get my one gallon supply!

Kristen E., Wilson (NC)
Fibro Cream and Pain Reduction

A client began using Natural Options Fibro cream in Aug, 2013. She typically applies tthe cream rubbing it lightly into all painful areas 4-5 times a week before bed. She applies the cream to her chest area, below the clavicles, on upper back, upper arms, across her glut area and down the IT band. She reports pain diminishes to 1/10 pain level or no pain for at least 8 hours after application. She has even experimented with its effectiveness by applying regular lotion to one arm and the Fibro cream to the other one. The regular cream brought no relief, whereas the Fibro cream brought significant reduction (1/10). She continues to apply Fibro cream to painful areas as needed.

Sleep Easy Roll On

Thank you both very much. My co-workers that have ordered various oils come up to me and they all say the same thing…..IT REALLY WORKS!!!! I buy the Sleep Easy for my boyfriend because he doesn’t like the smell of just lavender but really likes the blend because the scent is not “girly” as he puts it! Ever since he was an infant, his mother even said that he’s never truly slept a FULL (7-8 hours) night. He might sleep 3 hours a night. Since he started using the Sleep Easy Roll On he has consistently been able to sleep 6-7 hours EVERY night. He feels better in the morning and he said the first time he slept a FULL 8 hours he woke up and never felt so refreshed because he wasn’t sore from tossing and turning for hours on end!

– 11-6-13

Detox Machine and Leukemia!

It’s been a long while since we shared information. I took a couple of classes at the Healing Arts in Perrysburg, OH a few years ago. I also bought the foot detox machine from you all. Listen, I truly believe all is DIVINE, the good, bad, ugly, it’s all divine. I was gifted to have the class with you, then purchasing the detox machine on payments was a God send for sure. I brought it home, like many others and didn’t use it. Felt a little intimidated like many others. Then my sweet, loving brother was diagnosed with leukemia. We didn’t let that word scare us, rather it empowered us! Richard and I would get that machine out every day and use it. Richard would say thanks to his body for being willing to release what was not serving his body and then we would flush it away. It was two fold, releasing and letting go….again praise God and the angels for sending you our way. Vickie and George, I could feel your love and enthusiasm for the healing oils that day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge of the life force of the plants with us that day. Richard is doing very well these days, in large part, I believe, to the foot detox and lots and lots and lots of fresh carrot juice!

– Oct. 22, 2013

Rosie Montague
RSD for Shingles!

Thank you for suggesting that the RSD Cream might help his father’s bad case of shingles. He called for another jar and said of all the things the doctors’ prescribed and suggested, this cream helped the most. He is getting another jar. It took a year, but this is great feedback.

– 11-21-13

Diane Miller (PA)
Dragons Blood cream

Hi! My mom and I attended the expo this weekend and we made a stop at your booth. I just wanted to thank you guys for the products you have! My mother is suffering from an extremely rare type of cancer called Signet Ring Cell Cancer. There is a lot of pain involved and the Chemo therapy is taking a toll on her body. I believe Billy was who helped us. Meeting him, and finding your products have been a blessing! The emotional and physical relief we are finding from using essential oils and products containing them has been the most amazing gift. All of the products we purchased from you guys yesterday have also done wonders for her in such a short amount of time. The diffuser works great in the room it’s in and you can really smell the oils. She’s using Dragon’s Blood cream for the chapped skin and for the tingling in her hands, all side effects from the chemo. She suffers from severe eczema as well, so the fact that she can even use these products is incredible! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your products and look forward to sharing your company. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service, and the amazing products that are bring my Mama relief.

Lindsey Blalock
RSD Cream and Arthritis!

The client took RSD cream because I encouraged her to use it last visit and she LOVES it! She has Psoriatic and RA arthritis. She said “I slept a straight 7 hours without pain!” She usually uses the Extra Strength RSD with regular arthritis cream on top when she goes to bed.

– Dec. 3, 2013

Sue Scott
Hero Roll On (Formally known as our PTSD Roll On)

I served in Afghanistan from March 201 to March 2012. After I returned home, I was having troubles sleeping. My wife noticed that I was more on edge and violent and could not control my temper any more. She suggested that I should go see the mental health on base. I was told that I had PTSD and anxiety disorders. I started going to therapy and was able to control everything with the help of the therapist. After I separated from the Army, help was harder to find, so I would fill my day up with things that would take my mind off of the thoughts in my head. Recently, work had started to slow and my daughter was starting to potty train. To me, this meant more time to think about everything I had seen while I was deployed. My mental situation was starting to show again at home and during work. I was talking to a co-worker and he suggested using oils and seeing if they worked. At first, I was skeptical, but he ended up giving me the Hero roll on for PTSD. I wasn’t sure at first, but I will try almost anything once. I tried it that day at work. About 30 minutes later I felt my body slow down. It was like taking a breath of cold air out in the country. Reminded me of how my body felt when I was in therapy and I would do breathing execises. I will continue to use the product when I feel the effects of PTSD slipping in on my mind.

RSD Can stay in bed all night

I have a client that was diagnosed with neuropathy several years ago, causing much pain in her lower extremities. She had never been able to stay in bed all night, as the discomfort caused her to keep constantly moving, waking her husband. When she finally came to me for massage, I introduced her to the RSD cream. She has been getting regular massage (every 6-8 weeks) and has the cream on hand for home use…and can stay in bed and rest comfortably all night long now!

Kim Bright, Massage Therapist (Ohio)
Arthritis Roll On for Knee Pain

I am personally exited about the Arthritis Roll-On which has really helped my knee over the last month. The true test was this past week when I walked 2-3 miles on the beach each day and biked 5 miles another day!!!

Stephanie G
RSD Cream

I have been using the RSD cream several times a week when I wake up with nocturnal leg cramps and cramps caused by my cat lying on my legs when I am asleep. When I am able to hobble to the bathroom to apply the cream, I have instant relief and no after affects of torn muscles. I am starting to keep a jar at the bed side as I am more frequently experiencing inner thigh cramps. I recommend this cream to everyone who has similar symptoms. I have type 2 diabetes and am on long acting insulin once a day. I have found no conflict with medications that I am taking. I also do not find damage to my clothing if I apply the cream thoughly into my skin before dressing.

Clarissa (Pennsylvania)
Orange Essential Oil and Drumming

I have been using Orange Essential Oil in my AromaDrum when facilitating Health Rhythms Drumming with Austism and Developemental Delayed Patients. My son also has Autism Spectrum Disorder and I have used Orange with him as well. Orange on a Psychologically Energetic Basis seems to empower and increase individual self esteem yet increase socialization at the same time while providing a universal comfort.

Ginger Essential Oil/ABC “Gut noises”

I have had a problem with hypermotility in my gut – a hold over from my ulcerative colitis, which resulted in overt and obnoxious colon gurgling and loud noises ( Very embarrassing for a massage therapist who is trying to promote a serene quiet atmosphere during sessions!) I found I was constantly apologizing to my clients during massages for my disruptive colon! My GI doc said there was nothing he could do for me. I started using your ABC Cream with Ginger and amazingly I have no more colon gurgling and noise! I simply rub it on my lower colon area where the noise seems to come from at night, and my massage sessions are once more quiet and “colon-noise” free!!!! I can’t tell you how this has increased my own peace and self-confidence as a therapist!

Stephanie G
Anti-Inflammatory Cooling Cream

Hi my name is Teresa Nelson and I met you at the Mother Earth Living in Seven Spring. I saw you speak and then visited your booth. I talked to you about daughter who is 15. She has an unknown illness that she gets every month. Her symptoms are headache, body aches, and sore throat. You gave me Anti-Inflammatory Cooling Cream to try. This is the only thing I have tried in the last four years that she has said does anything for her. I really appreciate you taking the time to me that day and caring! I hope this information can help someone else.

Thank you.

Teresa Nelson
RSD Cream for Nursing Home Residents

I have used the RSD Cream on a couple people with great results.
The first was a resident at a nursing facility. I began using the cream on the resident’s feet 2 to 3 times daily due to wounds on her toes attributed to her mostly uncontrollable Diabetes. Upon beginning to apply the cream, the resident had 2 wounds on each foot, 3 on the toes and 1 on the bunion. Wounds varied in size, from approximately the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a dime. The resident voiced great pain in her feet that often prevented her from sleeping. At this point the resident was still able to ambulate, but would shuffle her feet because she had lost a great amount of feeling on the bottoms of her feet.

The cream would be applied morning, noon and night on most days, depending on if the resident was sleeping, had visitors, wasn’t feeling well etc… Each foot would be rubbed with the cream for at least 5 minutes. The resident was monitored closely for increased pain upon applying pressure and care was taken to not get any cream in the wounds. After a week of applying the cream, the resident stated that she could sleep through the night. Restorative Nursing noticed improvement in her walking and the resident was actually requesting the rub. Staff continued with the cream and one day I noticed a small hard lump underneath the skin on the ball of the foot. I notified the wound nurse and upon inspection it was a planter’s wart that had come to a head. The nurse was able to remove the wart easily, and no wound formed from the extraction of the wart. The nurse state that she never noticed the wart before, and the cream possibly urged the wart to the surface.

As the staff continued with the cream the wounds started to heal slightly. One day the resident was walking to the dining room and had to be taken back to her room because her feet were bleeding so much they had to change her socks. The would nurse stated that previously her feet barely bled after care, and that there must be increased circulation to her feet. That resident became even more independent with her own care, and though she still had pain it was tolerable.

The second was an older gentleman living in the community, also with Diabetes. The gentleman reported pain and a numb tingling in his hands and feet that limited his daily activity. The gentleman would rub the cream into his feet before bed and upon rising. After a couple weeks he noticed less pain in his hands. Though he admitted the pain in his feet was better, he noticed more of a difference in his hands. The gentleman continues to use the cream twice a day.

Personally, the RSD Cream is a favorite product of mine. I ordered a gallon of the blend several months ago for my previous nursing facility because we used it so often. I have seen proof that it helps with pain control, and residents that have used the product really enjoy it. It is a very inexpensive way to increase quality of life for the residents.

RSD for Nerve Pain

Since I work with caregivers as well as patients, I think the main way I use RSD is with Restless Leg symptoms. One of caregivers did not follow through well with his own self-care in using the cream after showering. He still had improvement, he says, and did not use his medication nearly as often as the symptoms diminished or were absent for periods of time. He did note to me that it seemed the symptoms appeared when he was stressed or extremely tied, whereas before using RSD, it could come up quite frequently at any time. We had a patient a few years ago in which we applied the RSD twice/week for over 4 months, and he didn’t have to use his medications for Restless Leg any longer (which he had been on for years!).

Vicki Alden, Massage Therapist (Iowa)
RSD – No Side Effects

I also had a 90 year old woman who didn’t like the side effects of the drugs for restless leg syndrome. She started using the cream 2-4 times a day and never had to take another pill!!!!

Kim Bright, LMT (OH)
Cream for Diverticulitis

I can’t believe it but been using the cream four times a day and I am better, still sore but the pain is so much better! I can actually tolerate it now and did not take the prescription for the pain pills. I even told my doctor’s nurse when she called to check on me about the cream and that I did not need the pills. I thank you so much you are a miracle worker and I have been telling everyone about you!

Judy Massey