As most of you know, we built a 2,000 square foot manufacturing building on the property at our house. We thought that would be more than enough to cover our growth for quite a while. Well, not exactly. Within a year we were bursting at the seams and we still had some pretty significant growth on the way. We decided to start looking for a bigger place. We really wanted to stay here in the Clear Fork Valley. We love our little town and we love our employees, all of whom live is this area. We found the TLC Canvas Company Building. It had gone up for sale just a day earlier. When we looked at it, it was perfect for what we needed. It was plenty big enough for our current and projected needs, 8,500 square feet, plus another 2,000 square feet of storage in adjacent buildings. The office area was nice and it had a nice big room up front for a retail store and a big conference room for classes and it’s on a major state route right near I-71. To say it was perfect is an understatement.

We’ve painted, put in new flooring, put in new lighting in the store, got some nice fixtures, and we’re up and running. It’s only been two weeks since we’ve opened and the community seems to be embracing us. We’ve had lots of people come into the store, sign up for classes, and even the mayor came by to welcome us! All in all, it’s really exciting.

Vickie and I would love to have you stop in and enjoy our Grand Opening. We’ve decided to extend the opening specials until August 26th. We are offering a free 1oz cream with any purchase and you can enter to win a 3 Hour Class. We normally charge $195 for this seminar and people receive $259 in products, plus a newsletter once a month with new clinical trials, new studies, success stories from other people, etc. You also get the ability to purchase at 40% off of retail ongoing. All in all a lot of value if I do say so myself!

We will be using this blog to pass on events, what’s going on with aromatherapy, new studies, and some of the remarkable things essential oils can do!

Warm Regards,

George Cox