Can Essential Oils Prevent and Treat Cancer?

Can Essential Oils Treat Cancer? First of all, essential oils are not simply a trend that will come and go. Essential oils have a long and meaningful history of medicinal use. Think of the most well-known cultures around the world, the Chinese and Greeks. They made use of essential oils. Frankincense might not just reduce inflammation. It may also attack cancer cells directly. This, say some researchers, could benefit people with leukemia and other types of cancer. In this [...]

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Join us at PLMA’S International Trade Show 2017

PLMA’S International Trade Show 2017 - Join us Natural Options Aromatherapy is proud to be attending the Private Label Manufacturers Association “World of Private Label” International Trade Show on 12-14 November in Chicago. If you’re looking for private label aromatherapy products, we have a huge selection for you to choose from. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, a store or any other kind of business, we have a range of private label products that can be [...]

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“Aromatherapy Blog” by Natural Options Aromatherapy

WELCOME TO OUR NEW AROMATHERAPY BLOG! As most of you know, we built a 2,000 square foot manufacturing building on property at our house. We thought that would be more than enough to cover our growth for quite a while. Well, not exactly. Within a year we were bursting at the seams and we still had some pretty significant growth on the way. We decided to start looking for a bigger place. We really wanted [...]

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