Natural Options Aromatherapy & Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness

Natural Options Aromatherapy & Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness

Natural Options Aromatherapy supports Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. One way we support this is to give our readers an opportunity to better understand this disease and others like dementia, which is now affecting more than 55 million people, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Our most recent post, “Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month: Shining a Light on Cognitive Health.” is found on this page and is estimated to be a five-minute read. The article offers a perspective on how Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia challenge friends, family, and caregivers. The article further points out the importance of maintaining brain health. We have also provided links to some of our select Aromatherapy products that help support “brain health.”

Recommended Aromatherapy Products (supporting brain health)

Mental Clarity Roll-On

Focus, Concentrate, Meditate Roll-On

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

Shining a Light on Cognitive Health

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects the elderly. It is characterized by memory loss, cognitive decline, and behavioral changes, which gradually worsen over time. As the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s poses significant challenges not only to the affected individuals but also to their caregivers and the healthcare system as a whole.

Raising Awareness

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month plays a crucial role in increasing public awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments. Through various initiatives, organizations and individuals aim to educate communities about the warning signs, risk factors, and available resources for support. The month of June also provides an opportunity to dispel myths and stigmas surrounding dementia, fostering understanding and empathy for those affected.

Supporting Research and Advocacy

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month is a vital platform for promoting research efforts and advocating for policy changes in the field of dementia. Increased awareness leads to greater public and private investment in Alzheimer’s research, enabling scientists to explore new treatment options, enhance early detection methods, and ultimately work towards finding a cure. Furthermore, this month helps drive conversations about the need for improved healthcare policies to support individuals living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

The Impact on Caregivers

The burden of Alzheimer’s disease extends beyond the affected individuals to their caregivers and family, who often face significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month sheds light on the struggles faced by caregivers and emphasizes the importance of providing them with appropriate support. By acknowledging their invaluable role and offering resources such as respite care, support groups, and education programs, society can help alleviate the burden placed on caregivers and ensure the best possible care for those living with dementia.

Promoting Brain Health

While Alzheimer’s disease remains a complex and devastating condition, focusing on brain health can potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month encourages individuals of all ages to adopt healthy lifestyle choices that support brain function. Engaging in regular physical exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, getting quality sleep, challenging the mind through cognitive activities, and nurturing social connections are all key elements of a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Early Detection and Diagnosis

Another crucial aspect of Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month is promoting early detection and diagnosis of cognitive disorders. Recognizing the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease allows for timely intervention, access to treatment options, and the opportunity to plan for the future. Memory lapses, difficulties with problem-solving, confusion, and changes in mood or behavior are all potential indicators of cognitive decline. Encouraging individuals to seek medical advice if they notice such symptoms can lead to a better understanding of their condition and the potential benefits of early intervention.

Taking Action

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month encourages individuals and communities to take action in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. People can participate by organizing fundraising events, volunteering at local Alzheimer’s organizations, or simply spreading awareness through social media campaigns and conversations. Every effort, big or small, contributes to building a supportive network and promoting cognitive health in society.



Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month serves as a vital platform and opportunity to shine a light on the challenges posed by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. By increasing public awareness, supporting research, and advocating for improved care and treatment options, we can strive towards a world where individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia receive the support they need and deserve.

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Products Website – Redesign

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Products Website – Redesign

Natural Options Aromatherapy is proud to have introduced our brand-new website during the latter part of 2022. We hope that our customers, vendors, and all of our website visitors find our new site a more enjoyable place to visit. Our goal with this new website is to make it simpler than ever to cater to everyone’s essential oil, also referred to as aromatherapy oil, needs. It’s never been easier to search, view, and shop for essential oils and other aromatherapy products, and we hope our new website continues to help you to find the best aromatherapy products and essential oil products for your money. You have two ways to shop for your essential oils (aromatherapy oil) with us. The first one is shopping for aromatherapy products, like essential oils, inhalers, mists, creams, bath salts, and more. The second way is to shop by need, which includes categories such as depression, anxiety, cleansing, rest, and more.

We also offer private-label essential oil products and other quality private-label aromatherapy products. Natural Options Aromatherapy is a leading provider in the United States of aromatherapy/essential oil. We also offer filling, capping, labeling, packaging, and shipping of your product for you. This includes designing a label for you or incorporating your current brand into the respective label. Once your aromatherapy product is finished, we will ship it directly to you or your preferred distribution center. It truly has never been this easy to get private-label essential oil and other aromatherapy products!

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Benefits

Looking for ways to enjoy your life more fully? Interested in finding natural solutions that can improve your general health and well-being? Then you’ll want to explore the benefits of using essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants, and they have been used medicinally for centuries. There are hundreds of properties that can be attributed to essential oil use, but in this blog post, we will explore only the most popular effects.

How Essential Oils Work

The main way essential oils work is through your olfactory system, “…the bodily structures that serves the sense of smell.”. Breathing the scent in through the nose triggers the individual’s smell receptors. In response, messages are sent to your brain’s limbic system. The limbic system is connected to a multitude of things like heart rate, breathing, emotions, stimulations, and even hormone balance. Depending on which scented aromatherapy/essential oil is used, breathing the scent of essential oils will trigger different responses in one’s brain’s limbic system. Some specific oils will do better at relieving stress and making you feel relaxed, while others can boost your energy and make you feel more focused.

Essential Oils Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes

There is a multitude of reasons why people enjoy using essential oils, especially when the treatment can be linked to relaxation and stress relief. In addition to their therapeutic properties, the scent of essential oils can improve a user’s overall health thanks to their natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Some popular effects of essential oils include reducing anxiety, promoting sleep induction and restful dreaming, aiding in digestion issues, fighting cold symptoms such as congestion and headaches, boosting moods, or relieving feelings of melancholy or depression.
For many people, their go-to essential oil is Lavender. The sweet and floral scent of this popular essential oil can instantly make the user feel better and more relaxed. These effects can easily be attributed to the sedative effects associated with lavender essential oil. This makes this aromatherapy/essential oil a stress and anxiety reliever for many.

Essential Oils Can Improve Moods and Physical Symptoms

Despite what some people may think, aromatherapy is not just for relaxation. In fact, research has shown that essential oils can improve moods and physical symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and pain. When applied topically to the skin, many of these oils have a calming effect on the nervous system. This makes essential oils a great choice for those struggling with anxiety or depression. Some topical formulations also contain anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve conditions like arthritis or shoulder pain.

Essential Oils – Promote Positive Lifestyle Changes

One of the most widely known aromatherapy benefits is that they can be correlated with positive lifestyle changes such as increased libido and weight loss. They have been shown to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and detoxifying properties as well as calming effects on the mind and body.
One of the crucial steps you must take in your weight loss journey is making sure you get enough rest. Getting the right amount of sleep every night is needed, and essential oils can help with that. Not getting the correct amount of sleep can keep you feeling hungry and makes your body store fat for longer. Using the proper essential oil can help curb your appetite and help you get to sleep faster and improve the quality of sleep you get, making your weight loss journey much easier.

Find the Best Aromatherapy Products and Essential Oils for You

All in all, aromatherapy products using quality essential oils can be a great supplement to your everyday lifestyle and can promote a variety of health benefits for you. In order to find out which essential oil would benefit you the most, it is best to start with a purpose. What benefit do you want from your essential oils? What health problems are you currently facing? Answering these questions will help narrow down your search for aromatherapy products. It is also important to determine which application method you are seeking from your aromatherapy. While some benefits of essential oils can be achieved no matter what application method you choose, some benefits only come from a specific application method. For example, taking care of wounds or treating itchy skin can only be helped by topical methods of Aromatherapy. Topical aromatherapy essential oil application methods can include using sprays, taking baths, or massaging essential oils into your skin.

We hope this article has helped you in your search for aromatherapy and has helped you to learn about the benefits of essential oils. For more about essential oils and the various applications that  Natural Options Aromatherapy offers, please visit our aromatherapy store.

The Positive Effects of Aromatherapy and the Benefits of Using Essential Oils

The Positive Effects of Aromatherapy and the Benefits of Using Essential Oils

The Positive Effects of Aromatherapy and the Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for medicinal purposes is believed to date back over 6000 years. Today aromatherapy and essential oils are used by healthcare professionals and in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes throughout the U.S. for their therapeutic properties. Today’s research supports the health benefits associated with aromatherapy and essential oils as a remedy for a long list of health-related ailments.

If you are new to essential oils and the list of medicinal uses of aromatherapy products, we think it is important to share that Natural Options Aromatherapy offers much more than other aromatherapy stores. That includes both online and offlineAromatherapy Stores. Natural Options Aromatherapy simply offers more, like our NAHA-approved Aromatherapy Certification Seminars and courses, and our finer Private Label Aromatherapy Products.

We not only sell quality aromatherapy products; we also educate people about the many therapeutic uses of essential oils and the correct use of aromatherapy products. It is all part of an industry that continues to increase in popularity as a medicinal remedy by many professional healthcare providers. One of the most obvious signs of this increase is in the number of health care professionals displaying their aromatherapy credentials, i.e., “RN, Registered Aromatherapist“.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the essential oils market is expected to see an annual growth rate of more than 9% over the next six years. In fact, the aromatherapy industry was reported to be worth over $1.6 billion in 2018.

There is an emergence of discoveries about the positive effects of aromatherapy. More and more, people are turning to essential oils to help them with managing stress, anxiety, blood pressure, skin issues, and so much more.

What Is Aromatherapy?

You might still be wondering what aromatherapy actually is. When someone is undergoing aromatherapy, they are using essential oils that are highly aromatic to produce medicinal effects in the body, on the mind, and to also enhance the spirit. You use the natural plant extracts to elicit the desired effect that includes one or more physical, mental, emotional, ailments.

Uses of Aromatherapy

There are many uses for essential oils and aromatherapy products. We should mention that there are other ways that essential oils are used besides their use in aromatherapy. But, by far, the fastest-growing uses of essential oils are linked to aromatherapy. This growing popularity is a big part of what is expected to give the aromatherapy industry the boost mentioned above.

Some of the more common issues or conditions treated with aromatherapy and essential oils are:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Soreness in joints or muscles
  • Labor pains
  • Digestive problems
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Undesired side effects

Essential Oils with Big Benefits in Aromatherapy

For essential oil to be used effectively as an aromatherapy product, it has to have elevated aromatic properties. Some oils aren’t very aromatic. The aromatic properties allow you to inhale the essence of the oil so your body can receive all of its benefits.
Here’s a look at some of the most highly aromatic essential oils that are frequently found in aromatherapy products, and the more common ailments each respective essential oil is used to treat.

  • Lavender – used to treat depression, insomnia, anxiety, headache, pain, and restlessness
  • Peppermint – relief of back pain, soothing coughs, boosts mental focus
  • Orange – used to calm the mind and bring down the pulse rate, stimulating the immune system, enhance the mood
  • Rosemary – reduces stress and tension, promotes respiratory functioning, increases mental focus, boosts energy levels
  • Cinnamon – promotes better blood circulation, serves as an aphrodisiac for men and women, increases alertness, battles against depression

How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy works by the use of your olfactory sense, as well as applied to the skin. There are several methods for applying aromatherapy oils, a.k.a. Essential oils. You can try each of the ones listed below and decide which is best for you. You may decide to use more than one of the following.

  • Diffusers – This method is used with an appliance that you’ll put a few drops of your chosen oil into mixed with water. The diffuser then creates a mist that is blown into the air. You will breathe the oil in through the moist air and it will also land on your skin and be absorbed that way too.
  • Bath salts – You can find aromatherapy products that are in the form of bath salts. The essential oil is released into the air through fumes produced from your bath.
  • Inhalers – An aromatherapy inhaler, also referred to as “personal aromatherapy inhalers“, consists of a plastic tube that has a cotton wick inside and holes or slits on the other end where you can sniff the aroma of your chosen oil. It will usually have a lid to keep everything clean and sealed inside as well.
  • Aromatic spritzers – These come in the form of a spray that allows you to spray your chosen aromatic blend over furniture, your skin, into the air, or on your clothes.
  • Facial steamers – You can add a few drops of essential oil into the water of your facial steamer. It’s essentially like diffusing the oil straight onto the skin of your face.

All of the methods mentioned above are easy to use, and they don’t require a huge supply of the respective essential oil. In most cases, you’ll only be using a few drops of the oil you choose because of their potency.

Other Positive Effects of Aromatherapy

As more studies are performed, scientists are continuing to find the positive effects offered by essential oils for some ailments. For example, there are findings that aromatherapy oils are helping to combat some of the negative side effects of chemotherapy. Another more recent finding is that Peppermint essential oil can help with digestive issues, while cinnamon oil can help to increase appetite.

Those who live with asthma can find help with respiratory function from rosemary aromatherapy products. Rosemary essential oil can help to open up the airways and the lungs.

Ties are being made between various aromatherapy products and inflammation. Peppermint essential oil acts as an anti-inflammatory when used aromatically. You could also couple that with a topical application.

Other positive effects of aromatherapy have been uncovered regarding erectile dysfunction, menopause, arthritis, alopecia, peripheral neuropathy, and fatigue.

An Added Benefit to Aromatherapy

An important added benefit that’s worth mentioning, is that aromatherapy used to treat certain conditions and health issues. It doesn’t cause undesirable side effects that you hear about when using some physician-prescribed medications.

Aromatherapy is performed using naturally-occurring, pure, plant extracts in the form of oils. There is nothing added to them that are human-made or synthetic. Essential oils that are used in high-quality aromatherapy products are 100% pure and should not cause you any negative side effects.

Final Thoughts

Aromatherapy products can do a lot for you in terms of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, orange, rosemary, and cinnamon, amongst many others, can be used on a daily basis to manage all kinds of different conditions and ailments.

Even if you are someone who feels you’re in good general health, you can find positive effects from aromatherapy with essential oils for better wellness. It can help just boost your mood, help you gain focus for getting projects done around the house or at work, and help you manage any stress you may have in your life.

The essential oils mentioned in this article are just a few that are used in the aromatherapy products that you’ll find in our shop. For more oil options and information regarding how to get the positive effects of aromatherapy worked into your everyday life, spend some time clicking through the Natural Options Aromatherapy website. You’ll find instructions for how to use specific essential oils, implements to help you use them such as diffusers, and more.

10 Essential Oils to Strengthen Your Immune System

10 Essential Oils to Strengthen Your Immune System

10 Essential Oils to Strengthen Your Immune System

There are many products and treatments available that can help your body develop a natural resistance against the harsh elements of the winter season and one of them is aromatherapy.

There are many studies that support the healing powers of aromatherapy and its potential for mental and physical well-being. Essential oils for one have numerous health properties and stress alleviating qualities that make them a great addition to your winter prep work. Consider using one of the essential oils below to better protect yourself from the flu this year.


Lemon is exceptional when it comes to removing harmful toxins from the body making it a powerful essential oil for a healthy and strong body.

Outside the realm of wellness and detoxification, Lemon is also a powerful natural household cleanser. Add 10 drops of lemon oil to water inside a spray bottle and what you get is an environmentally-friendly glass and wood cleaner. The “Lemony” fragrance it leaves is also quite refreshing.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is one of the best options you can look into if you want to develop a robust immune system against common cold and flu. The essential oil is particularly effective at ridding the body from harmful pathogens that get past through the body’s natural defense. Oregano oil can be used every day to strengthen the body’s immune system, ward off diseases or hasten your recovery time when you get sick.

When paired with a carrier oil like jojoba oil, it can be a great way to improve your immune system through a nice, sensual foot massage. Just massage the oil mixtures in the surface of your feet and afterward wrap them with socks to enjoy maximum effects. To cure common colds, a congested nose or persisting cough, diffuse Oregano oil for best results.

Eucalyptus Oil

When you’re fighting the effects of common colds, flu, and other respiratory ailments, it’s natural to feel weak and exhausted even if you spend most of the day resting on your bed. It can also be challenging to focus and process day to day decisions because of nasal congestion. To restore your body and mind’s natural vigor, Eucalyptus oil can be a solid option.

Just like tea tree extract, diffusing Eucalyptus can help unlock powerfully natural de-congesting and expectorating qualities. It’s also the best way to maximize the oil’s healing potential. You can also put 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil in half a teaspoon of any preferred carrier oil and simply administer it on your chest area or on your feet. You can also mix 2 drops of the oil to a hot tub to absorb its immune system enhancing effects.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is a potent immune system booster in a cellular level – it aids the body in creating additional while blood cells that combat harmful pathogens and diseases. It’s also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory substance that can help deal with different bodily problems attributed to poor stomach health.


Peppermint offers numerous benefits and can be used for an array of different purposes. It’s effective in combating the symptoms of headaches, indigestion and even in augmenting mental focus and awareness. And of course, it’s also a popular ingredient in creating delicious pastries and tea mixtures. In terms of detoxification, it can also lower your craving levels especially for foods high in sugar.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a multi-purpose essential oil widely renowned for its natural qualities in fighting harmful pathogens. Simply put, it is effective in eliminating different kinds of viruses and bacteria that infiltrate your body regularly. You can diffuse tea tree essential oil in your work area or by your bedside to make good use of its immune-boosting properties.


Lavender is a superb option if you want to sleep better at night so your body can rejuvenate properly. Women who are suffering from PMS can also benefit tremendously from the essential oil as it helps to relax the body and mind. Diffusing Lavender on your room or applying a small amount on your feet can aid you in enjoying improved physical and mental state.

Rosemary Oil

Want to enjoy instant relief from a congested nose or a stubborn headache? Rose Mary oil can be the immediate comfort you seek from all those nagging symptoms. The essential oil is known to bolster the body’s resistance against illness and soften mucus build up that is blocking your nasal airways.

And because it can promote a stronger immune system, a regular dose of rosemary can help stop the onset of diseases as well. Whether you diffuse it or administer it on your body every day, you can maximize the benefits of the essential oil either way.

Tips on How to Use Essential Oils

If you want to harness the power of the 10 essential oils mentioned above, here are some tips for their use:

Direct Bottle Inhalation for Colds

If you want convenient access to your essential oils, you can try storing them directly inside a bottle. This also makes it easier for you to carry them in all your travels. The pure mixture will work wonders for congested nose problems with these key ingredients:

● 6 drops of rosemary essential oil
● 4 drops of helichrysum essential oil

Mix the rosemary and helichrysum essential oils inside a 10 ml glass bottle. To enjoy instant congestion relief, simply inhale the blend directly through your nose 4 times every day. Jiggle the bottle prior to inhaling for optimum effects.

Refreshing Essential Oils Room Spray

Essential oils can also serve as an amazing room spray that instantly transforms any area into a sanctuary of rejuvenation. The ingredients for the spray include:

● 4 ounces of pure water
● 10 drops cinnamon leaf oil
● 10 drops rosemary essential oil
● 10 drops lemon essential oil
● 10 drops eucalyptus oil

Put all essential oil ingredients and water inside a 4 oz. plastic mist spray bottle and carefully stir all the liquid blend together. Simply shake the mixture and spray them in any room or environment. Avoid skin or eye contact.

Direct Palm Inhalation

Inhaling essential oils directly from your palm is among the safest and most effective ways to maximize its potential health benefits. Simply put 3 drops of any of the essential oils mentioned above in any area of your palm and inhale its fragrance deeply for 3 times. Repeat the same process two times every day for best results.

Another method of direct essential oil inhalation involves the use of steam. This technique is especially soothing during winter where the temperature drops at its lowest in the year. Simply put 3 drops of any of the 10 essential oils mentioned above on a couple of cups of steaming hot water.

Then wrap your head with a towel and position it over the basin with the essential oil mixture. Inhale the steam through your nose in a convenient distance and exhale using your mouth with your eyes shut.

Important Things to Consider

If your planning to integrate essentials oils in your life during winter, here are some important things that you might want to consider:

● Remember to use small amounts of essential oils for young children, the elderly and pregnant women as well. Ideally, you want to use no more than 2 percent worth of concentration.

● When diffusing essential oils, make sure that it is in an area that has proper ventilation. Also, the high concentration of oils should be kept far away from the reach of children and your animal companions.

● When stored inside bottles, ensure that the caps are closed tight to avoid unnecessary evaporation and oxidation.

● Some people may experience allergic reactions to certain essential oils. For this reason, it would be wise to test how your body responds to any oil by applying a tiny amount to your skin.

● For pregnant women or people taking regular medications for certain conditions, it would be best to consult a doctor or health practitioner’s advice on the use of essential oils.

Essential oils should not be ingested orally or used undiluted on the skin.

Overall, it’s important to note that you can harness numerous potential health benefits with aromatherapy. They can be your best friend in the long cold winter because of their natural ability to improve the immune system, ward off disease bringing bacteria, fungi, and viruses and help alleviate the symptoms of cold, flu and other respiratory problems as well.

Nevertheless, they should not be used as a cure for health conditions nor be treated as a substitute for doctor recommended medication. They are best used as complementary remedies to help reduce the effects of symptoms from different mental and physical conditions.

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Two brand new aromatherapy products for runners

Two brand new aromatherapy products for runners

Two Brand New Aromatherapy Products for Runners

Calling all runners!

Have you been suffering from pain whilst running? Do you struggle to loosen up as quickly and effectively as you like? Does pain stop you from beating your PBs or taking on even bigger challenges like marathons? Do you struggle to warm down effectively? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the products for you.

Natural Options Aromatherapy has launched two fantastic new products to help you smash your warm-up, recover quicker and smash your PBS.
Essential oils have long been proven to help stimulate athletes and to help them recover quicker. That’s right, aromatherapy products don’t just help you to relax, they can help you face the day, too.

But we didn’t think diffusers were enough for hardcore or even part-time athletes. That’s why our team has been working day and night to create two bespoke products designed specifically for our running customers. No longer will you have to mix your own essential oils in your diffuser to get the right cool down blend, with our two new products you just have to rub or spray them on.

Let’s find out exactly what our new products are and what they do. Introducing Runners Dream in spray and cream form.

Runners Dream Mist

Runner’s Dream mist is the perfect product to use before or after workouts. When you use the mist before your workout, you will find that it helps to loosen up all of your muscles. Our special, secret formula contains a number of essential oils that are vasodilators. That means that they help to open up your blood vessels, allowing for a better flow of blood. The better your blood flows, the more oxygen your body can transport to your muscles. If you suffer from pain during or after exercise, this mist can also help. The fast-acting blend works to provide fast and effective pain relief for aching joints, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, and general muscle soreness. Apply directly to problem areas and you will experience a fantastic natural cooling sensation. And, best of all, the product will not leave your skin feeling greasy or horrid. The runners who have used our Runner’s Dream Mist so far have fallen in love with the product, and we think you will, too. Try this unique mist of rosemary, ginger, copaiba, black pepper, marjoram, clove bud, white camphor, and wintergreen essential oils today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Runners Dream Cream

If you don’t like mists or sprays, don’t worry! Our brand new Runner’s Dream aromatherapy product is also available in a cream. So you can slather it all over your body for maximum effectiveness. Just like the spray, the cream is perfect for use before or after workouts. Because it contains essential oils such as rosemary, ginger, copaiba, black pepper, marjoram, clove bud, white camphor, and wintergreen, many of which are vasodilators, your blood vessels will allow increased blood flow within seconds of application. The more blood your body can pump to your muscles, the better you will perform and the less likely you will be to suffer injury. But the cream is also an effective pain relief product. If you suffer from soreness, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, or any other kind of pain during running or other forms of exercise, Runners Dream Cream can help. The cream has an amazing naturally cool soothing effect on your muscles and any areas of discomfort. You should feel noticeable pain relief when you apply the product generously to problem areas.

What’s aromatherapy and how does it help runners?

Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils that are the aromatic compounds found in seeds, flowers, leaves bark, and other parts of plants. These oils are extracted from plants and combined into different kinds of products to help people feel better and more stimulated. Many of these oils also have a natural healing effect on our bodies when applied directly to the skin. The oils penetrate the skin easily and are absorbed quickly. That’s why our mist and cream are so effective. They use the natural healing elements of plants to soothe soreness and reduce injury. We use specific oils that target muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as special vasodilator oils which help to improve blood flow.

What can I expect to happen if I use Runner’s Dream?

If you are a runner who uses Runner’s Dream regularly, whether it is the mist or cream form, you can expect to experience a number of benefits very quickly. The first benefit is increased blood flow. Of course, this will be hard to notice since you can’t see how well your blood flows around your body. But there are several tell-tale signs that you are experiencing increased blood flow. The first is that you are able to run faster and for longer. The second is that you experience muscle soreness much later in your workout than normal. As you can see, increased blood flow has some significant benefits that can help you increase your performance.

If you use Runner’s Dream regularly, you should also experience less pain and quick pain relief. Both the mist and the cream have a number of essential oils that contribute to fast and effective pain relief when the product is applied to problem areas. Not only should pain subside, but you will also experience a wonderful and calming natural cooling effect that will help to soothe sore and overexerted muscles. This should aid your recovery time and allow you to resume exercising much more quickly. The quicker you can start training again, the faster you can improve.

As you can see, Runner’s Dream comes with some pretty enticing benefits for runners and other athletes. That’s why we named the product as we did, after all. At Natural Options, we believe that aromatherapy products can significantly improve the ways in which runners perform and recover. And we think that Runner’s Dream is one of the best products available at the moment.

So what are you waiting for? Shop online for Runner’s Dream today!

Best Aromatherapy Products for Hay Fever

Best Aromatherapy Products for Hay Fever

Best Aromatherapy Products for Hay Fever


Allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever, can be triggered by pollen from various plants. Airborne allergens trigger this allergic reaction, wherein the body releases histamines that cause the sinus and nasal passages to inflame.

Symptoms of hay fever include clogged sinuses, a runny nose, and itchy watery eyes. It can be a debilitating time, but fortunately, there are aromatherapy products that do offer relief. Aromatherapy products in many cases can also provide safer relief from the symptoms of hay fever.

Actually, many rates the use of aromatherapy products and the use of essential oils as their most effective hayfever remedy. Essential oils can reduce swelling and inflammation because they are a type of natural antihistamine. Your body quickly absorbs them, and these aromatherapy products generally have no side effects and it is worthy to note that the use of therapeutic grade quality and unadulterated aromatherapy products to be a consideration.

To help those who are new to the use of aromatherapy products as they relate to “hayfever”, provided is a list of the more commonly preferred essential oils (a.k.a.) “aromatherapy oils” for hayfever:

1. Roman Chamomile – This eases inflammation, relieves headaches, and helps induce relaxation as well. But perhaps, the best way to use this aromatherapy product is to use it months before you get hay fever. Chamomile comes from the same family that can trigger hay fever. But the thing is that chamomile-based aromatherapy products can boost your immunity from hay fever and lessen your body’s allergic reaction.

2. Peppermint – Peppermint oil is an aromatherapy product that can instantly unclog your sinuses and provide you with relief from a scratchy throat. Among the best aromatherapy products that you can invest in is a diffuser. Inhaling diffused peppermint oil can help relieve not only hay fever but also colds, asthma, sinusitis, coughs, and bronchitis. Peppermint oil can reduce inflammation and discharge phlegm. Peppermint also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

3. Eucalyptus oil – This essential oil improves circulation and provides relief from the symptoms of allergies by opening up the lungs and sinuses. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and helps the body detoxify. Upper respiratory tract infections can be treated with aromatherapy products that contain eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is used in various aromatherapy products, but for the treatment of hay fever, it may be best to go for a diffuser blend that has eucalyptus in it. Eucalyptol (one of the naturally forming chemicals in Eucalyptus Essential Oil) has been shown to have both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

4. Lavender – This is perhaps one of the aromatherapy products that you have at home, or maybe one that you have considered buying at some point. Lavender provides relief from both respiratory and skin allergies. Once you start feeling hay fever sets in, rub a few drops between your palms, smell them, and take deep breaths. There are roll-on aromatherapy products that contain lavender, which will be easy for you to bring along and use during the hay fever season. Lavender is also very effective to help relieve itching, whether it’s from hayfever or insect bites. It is also an excellent mosquito repellent.

5. Lemon – Lemon essential oil can help you overcome respiratory ailments, and it can also improve your lymphatic system drainage. Aromatherapy products that contain lemon oil boost the immune system and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

These essential oils can also be blended with a cream or lotion base so that you will be getting the benefits of both a moisturizer aromatherapy product and hay fever treatment. But don’t try to make your own aromatherapy product. It is more often, a better choice to consider those which are blended by aromatherapy product suppliers found to be certified in aromatherapy. It’s much easier too! You can choose the exact aromatherapy product that provides the essential oils that you need and knows the blended aromatherapy product has been tested. And on top of that, you don’t have a lot of essential oils leftover.

Some aromatherapy products and essential oils a.k.a. “aromatherapy oils”, that you can choose from are mists, roll-ons, shower gels, bath salts, and massage products.

When buying aromatherapy products, purchase them from a shop that has experienced practitioners of aromatherapy so that you can be sure that you’re choosing the right oil or application method for your ailment.