Two Brand New Aromatherapy Products for Runners

Calling all runners!

Have you been suffering from pain whilst running? Do you struggle to loosen up as quickly and effectively as you like? Does pain stop you from beating your PBs or taking on even bigger challenges like marathons? Do you struggle to warm down effectively? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the products for you.

Natural Options Aromatherapy has launched two fantastic new products to help you smash your warm-up, recover quicker and smash your PBS.
Essential oils have long been proven to help stimulate athletes and to help them recover quicker. That’s right, aromatherapy products don’t just help you to relax, they can help you face the day, too.

But we didn’t think diffusers were enough for hardcore or even part-time athletes. That’s why our team has been working day and night to create two bespoke products designed specifically for our running customers. No longer will you have to mix your own essential oils in your diffuser to get the right cool down blend, with our two new products you just have to rub or spray them on.

Let’s find out exactly what our new products are and what they do. Introducing Runners Dream in spray and cream form.

Runners Dream Mist

Runner’s Dream mist is the perfect product to use before or after workouts. When you use the mist before your workout, you will find that it helps to loosen up all of your muscles. Our special, secret formula contains a number of essential oils that are vasodilators. That means that they help to open up your blood vessels, allowing for a better flow of blood. The better your blood flows, the more oxygen your body can transport to your muscles. If you suffer from pain during or after exercise, this mist can also help. The fast-acting blend works to provide fast and effective pain relief for aching joints, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, and general muscle soreness. Apply directly to problem areas and you will experience a fantastic natural cooling sensation. And, best of all, the product will not leave your skin feeling greasy or horrid. The runners who have used our Runner’s Dream Mist so far have fallen in love with the product, and we think you will, too. Try this unique mist of rosemary, ginger, copaiba, black pepper, marjoram, clove bud, white camphor, and wintergreen essential oils today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Runners Dream Cream

If you don’t like mists or sprays, don’t worry! Our brand new Runner’s Dream aromatherapy product is also available in a cream. So you can slather it all over your body for maximum effectiveness. Just like the spray, the cream is perfect for use before or after workouts. Because it contains essential oils such as rosemary, ginger, copaiba, black pepper, marjoram, clove bud, white camphor, and wintergreen, many of which are vasodilators, your blood vessels will allow increased blood flow within seconds of application. The more blood your body can pump to your muscles, the better you will perform and the less likely you will be to suffer injury. But the cream is also an effective pain relief product. If you suffer from soreness, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, or any other kind of pain during running or other forms of exercise, Runners Dream Cream can help. The cream has an amazing naturally cool soothing effect on your muscles and any areas of discomfort. You should feel noticeable pain relief when you apply the product generously to problem areas.

What’s aromatherapy and how does it help runners?

Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils that are the aromatic compounds found in seeds, flowers, leaves bark, and other parts of plants. These oils are extracted from plants and combined into different kinds of products to help people feel better and more stimulated. Many of these oils also have a natural healing effect on our bodies when applied directly to the skin. The oils penetrate the skin easily and are absorbed quickly. That’s why our mist and cream are so effective. They use the natural healing elements of plants to soothe soreness and reduce injury. We use specific oils that target muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as special vasodilator oils which help to improve blood flow.

What can I expect to happen if I use Runner’s Dream?

If you are a runner who uses Runner’s Dream regularly, whether it is the mist or cream form, you can expect to experience a number of benefits very quickly. The first benefit is increased blood flow. Of course, this will be hard to notice since you can’t see how well your blood flows around your body. But there are several tell-tale signs that you are experiencing increased blood flow. The first is that you are able to run faster and for longer. The second is that you experience muscle soreness much later in your workout than normal. As you can see, increased blood flow has some significant benefits that can help you increase your performance.

If you use Runner’s Dream regularly, you should also experience less pain and quick pain relief. Both the mist and the cream have a number of essential oils that contribute to fast and effective pain relief when the product is applied to problem areas. Not only should pain subside, but you will also experience a wonderful and calming natural cooling effect that will help to soothe sore and overexerted muscles. This should aid your recovery time and allow you to resume exercising much more quickly. The quicker you can start training again, the faster you can improve.

As you can see, Runner’s Dream comes with some pretty enticing benefits for runners and other athletes. That’s why we named the product as we did, after all. At Natural Options, we believe that aromatherapy products can significantly improve the ways in which runners perform and recover. And we think that Runner’s Dream is one of the best products available at the moment.

So what are you waiting for? Shop online for Runner’s Dream today!