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Two brand new aromatherapy products for runners

Two Brand New Aromatherapy Products for Runners Calling all runners! Have you been suffering from pain whilst running? Do you struggle to loosen up as quickly and effectively as you like? Does pain stop you from beating your PBs or taking on even bigger challenges like marathons? Do you struggle to warm down effectively? If [...]

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Join us at PLMA’S International Trade Show 2017

PLMA’S International Trade Show 2017 - Join us Natural Options Aromatherapy is proud to be attending the Private Label Manufacturers Association “World of Private Label” International Trade Show on 12-14 November in Chicago. If you’re looking for private label aromatherapy products, we have a huge selection for you to choose from. Whether you’re a healthcare [...]

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Natural Options Aromatherapy in Pennsylvania

The essential oils that every Mother Earth News Fair-goer simply needs to try We’re delighted to be attending the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA, this weekend from September 15 to September 17. To celebrate, we’re giving a rundown of the essential oils that every Mother Earth News Fair-goer (and all of our [...]

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Best Aromatherapy Products for Hay Fever

Best Aromatherapy Products for Hay Fever Allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever, can be triggered by pollen from various plants. Airborne allergens trigger this allergic reaction, wherein the body releases histamines that cause the sinus and nasal passages to inflame. Symptoms of hay fever include clogged sinuses, a runny nose, and itchy watery [...]

Aromatherapy Education and Certification

Aromatherapy Education and Certification Who Should Take Our Accredited Aromatherapy Courses? As a Director of the State of Ohio National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), I am often asked whether it is necessary for people that use aromatherapy in a healing capacity to receive proper training. My answer is always a resounding yes. Lots of [...]

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Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Essential oils are thought to have first been used by the Ancient Egyptians over 5000 years ago. Still, no other time in history has the use of essential oils been more popular than today. Discovering new ways to use essential oils can certainly be enlightening. The desire to learn about the many [...]

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“Aromatherapy Blog” by Natural Options Aromatherapy

WELCOME TO OUR NEW AROMATHERAPY BLOG! As most of you know, we built a 2,000 square foot manufacturing building on property at our house. We thought that would be more than enough to cover our growth for quite a while. Well, not exactly. Within a year we were bursting at the seams and we still [...]

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