Arthritis Relief Body Cream (Extra Extra Strength)

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Double the amount of healing oils within our aloe base cream

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1 review for Arthritis Relief Body Cream (Extra Extra Strength)

  1. Laura Gibson (verified owner)

    I have osteoarthritis in my big toe joints (running injury-overuse, improperly fitted shoes). It can be really debilitating where it is difficult to walk just from my car to a building. For the past two years I’ve seen multiple doctors to deal with the pain. The only options I were given were to wear orthotics, special shoes, and to put a topical anti-inflammatory medicine (with horrible side effects) to manage the pain. Well, even though I tried those options out, they didn’t take away the pain. Recently, I had a flare and decided to try this out cream out. Within minutes the pain was gone and I can walk without any pain. This cream is incredible and has turned me into a believer. I’m so thankful for this formula, it works wonders!!

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