Crown Chakra 2 oz Mist


Helps allow you to let your Higher Power guide you. Contains Grapefruit, Sweet Basil, Ylang Ylang & Palmarose essential oils. 2oz

Essential oil profile: 

Grapefruit essential oil:

  • Grapefruit essential oil: uplifting and refreshing, may help with mental fatigue, anxiety and stress

Sweet Basil essential oil:

  • Sweet Basil essential oil: energizing and refreshing, may help to ease mental fatigue and improve focus

Ylang Ylang essential oil:

  • Ylang Ylang essential oil: relaxing and calming, may help to reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation

Palmarose essential oil:

  • Palmarose essential oil: soothing and balancing, may help to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation. It also has antimicrobial properties.

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