Breathe Easy Aromatherapy Inhaler


1 inhaler = $5.00 each
10 inhalers = $4.00 each
25 inhalers = $3.00 each
50 inhalers = $2.00 each
100 inhalers = $1.75 each

Our Breath Easy essential oil blend is handmade and manufactured in the USA. This all-natural Aromatherapy Inhaler assists with nasal congestion. In addition, this blend presents a pungent and clean aromatic profile. Our blend of Peppermint, Lemon, Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, and Roman Chamomile makes for the perfect all-natural decongestant.

Essential oil profile: 

Peppermint essential oil:

  • Peppermint essential oil has a refreshing and invigorating scent that can help promote mental clarity, focus, and alertness.

Lemon essential oil:

  •  Lemon essential oil has a bright and uplifting scent that can help improve mood and energy levels.

Ravensara essential oil:

  • Ravensara essential oil has antiviral and antimicrobial properties that can help prevent and treat respiratory infections.

Eucalyptus essential oil:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil has a cooling and decongestant effect that can help relieve sinus congestion, cough, and other respiratory symptoms.

Frankincense essential oil:

  • Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can help reduce inflammation and pain in the respiratory system.

Roman Chamomile:

  • Roman Chamomile essential oil has calming and relaxing properties that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote restful sleep.

The combination of these essential oils in a personal Aromatherapy inhaler can help provide respiratory support, relieve sinus congestion, promote mental clarity, and reduce stress and anxiety. Personal Aromatherapy inhalers are convenient and easy to use, making them a portable and effective way to use essential oils on the go. Inhalation is a safe and effective way to use essential oils, as it allows the oils to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lungs.