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Brazil – Anti – Inflammatory, Skin Issues, Poison Ivy, Analgesic, Anti – Bacterial and Anti – Fungal.

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  1. Rayburn Neal

    First off, got a vial of this amazing stuff at the great boothe at the Victory of Light event in Cincinnati recently and had the great opportunity to attend a free class to learn more about Natural Options Aromatherapy, and they are AWESOME! Being a Licensed Massage Therapist, myself and my colleagues have many instances where a client was wearing something or somehow caused our arms to develop some irritation (one colleague got contact dermatitis!). Now at first I didn’t think this Oil was real because its so hard to find (the real stuff!), but I added some Copaiba to a healing balm I make in my line of body care products and gave some to her and physically saw the difference it was making almost in a day! Three days after first applied, the skin was calmed down, no sign of irritation, and no raging redness that covered her arms three days before. Great place and HIGHLY recommended checking out their creams as well!

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