• Water Capacity: 100 mL (3.38 fl oz) Suggested Room Size: 200-300 sq ft Continuous Operation: 8 hrs Intermittent Operation: 24 hrs (20 sec ON; 40 sec OFF) Light Mode: Color changing Power: UL approved AC adapter included Automatic safety shut-off
  • Imagine having a great diffuser AND having it be Blue Tooth compatible. It's easy to connect to Pandora or any music of your choice. The diffuser works on 1/2 cup of water and will run for 3 hours before automatically shutting off. Although your music will still keep playing!
  • No more plastic or wood. This diffuser is made of blown glass. It runs for 4 hours continously or 8 hours intermittently. Available in Gray, and Tortoise color. Please specify color when ordering.
  • Natura

    Our only wooden diffuser. The wood is reclaimed from Thailand.
  • Spa Mist

    There are two settings to let the light go through 5 colors. You can let it go through all the colors, stop on a particular color or turn the color completely off, The mist will run for 3 hours continuously.